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Fran Harris
From: Fran Harris
Austin, Texas

Hey Rock Star!

Do you have a message that you want delivered to the MASSES?

Are you looking for ways to distance yourself from all the other folks in your niche, claiming to do what you do?

Would you like to be recognized as THE go-to expert in your field? Helping thousands, even millions of people change their lives and their businesses?

Would you like to literally be able to command higher fees, triple your leads flow, and become a local, national or global celebrity?

Then I'd like to introduce you to one of my marketing buddies and closest friends of 25 years: TELEVISION. 😃

Nothing has changed my life, my reach, my business and my bank account like being on TV the past 25 years. Not webinars. Not summits. Not YouTube videos. Not JVs. Not podcasts. Not radio. NOTHING. 

As much as the Internet has helped us create businesses from our laptops, nothing makes you a thought leader and authority faster than appearing on TV. Don't care what anybody says - television is a brand and business building juggernaut -- simply because of its ability to put your message in front of millions, and create celebrity for you. 

That's why this year I'm on a mission to help 10,000 experts, thought leaders, authors, coaches, speakers, experts and consultants land local, cable and national media exposure. And I'll likely hit that number with no problem. Because I know that you're already looking for ways to elevate your positioning in the marketplace. I wrote this quick book to show you how easy it is leapfrog past most of the competition in your niche when you have television in your marketing mix. 

Did you know that producers are looking for you? I get calls every week asking for business, weight loss, parenting, tech, and political experts. Heck, I recently even got a call asking if I knew a "cat whisperer"! 😂

Listen, there's never been a better time to get on TV. And what's even cooler is that today's TV landscape also includes Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and other OTT (over the top) networks that are looking to branch out into non-fiction programming. And that's good news for us "expert types."  

In my new book, The Celebrity Playbook", I share some of the strategies and tactics I've used to land over $50,000,000 in FREE TV publicity without hiring a publicist or breaking the bank. I lay it all out in my quick, down and delicious book. And it's yours today absolutely FREE! (at least for the time being).

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 ▪  How to turn one appearance into thousands...if not MILLIONS of dollars by giving away FREE stuff...and much more!
 ▪ How to be the ONE producers call when they want to talk about your topic

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"Fran Harris is the go-to expert when it comes to celebrity building and getting in the media to grow your brand."
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"Lots of people teach people how to land media bookings but I don't know anyone who does it at Fran Harris' level. Not only did I get on TV but she also helped me sell $139,000 in books."
Author, Trashman To The Cashman
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"Fran's media coaching led me to launch my own TV show. Now my show is syndicated in two top 10 markets."

Host, Business Spotlight
"Fran's command of the auditioning and booking process works. I've appeared on local and national television thanks to Fran's expertise and contacts."

Diversity & Inclusion Expert
As You Can See, What I Teach Works For All Kinds of Experts. The Question For You Is, "Are You Ready To Celebritize Your Brand and Business?". 
FACT: Celebrities get paid more, can charge more, are perceived as influencers, can have greater impact.
"The Celebrity Playbook is the perfect blend of  battle plans and inspiration. Fran has a way of making you feel like you can climb the highest mountain without needing an oxygen mask. I've never seen someone master the art & science of getting on TV like Fran."

Micha Nixon
Millennial Business & Career Expert
Fran's Recent National TV Appearances & Media
Good Morning America 
The Today Show
Fran with Oprah in Dallas
Fran Harris has been coaching CEOs and training in Fortune 100 companies for 20 years. She's an announcer for the ESPN family of networks including ESPN, SEC Network, ACC Network and Longhorn Network. The former HGTV host, is also a real estate developer who's scheduled to open her first sports facility in 2020. 

Her results-magnetizing and unapologetic business and marketing expertise have been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNBC, CNN, BET, MSNBC, FOX Business, NPR, Oprah's Radio Network and many more! She's helped clients get on Fox, BET, ABC, MTV, VH1, CBS, NBC and way too many other media outlets to list. She's currently negotiating her role on air in a new business show for a leading cable network.
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